The story of stuff

The story of stuff website is very well done the presentation does raise questions so they have made it possible to explore and go a little. The story of stuff, originally released in december 2007, is a 20-minute, fast- paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The popular website the story of stuff recently posted a bahá'í -inspired program for youth on its website this newest addition to the story of. From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. Maybe you're one of the millions of people who's watched “the story of stuff” if you're not, then here's the quick overview: “the story of stuff” is.

Founder, “story of stuff” formerly an activist with greenpeace and a co-creator of gaia (the global alliance for incinerator alternatives), annie leonard has. This is a summary of the contents of the video, the story of stuff i regard this video as essential viewing, and its message as fundamentally. Summary: through an animated cartoon, narrator annie leonard discusses the story of our stuff through the stages of extraction, production,.

I just walked through the house, and now i'm looking around the breakfast room where i type one thing is certain: i have a lot of stuff last week. The story of stuff is a short animated documentary about the lifecycle of material goods the documentary is critical of excessive consumerism and promotes. Following are some questions you may want to use to guide a discussion about the story of stuff as you go into a discussion, remember, no matter how much. 367k followers, 75 following, 411 posts - see instagram photos and videos from the story of stuff project (@storyofstuff.

Five years ago, a 20-minute youtube video called “the story of stuff” went viral the creators can now count 40 million total views of their series, which includes. As a consumer-based society, many of us humans focus primarily on having the best version of “stuff”: cell phones, televisions, computers,. Buy the story of stuff: how our obsession with stuff is trashing the planet, our communities, and our health - and a vision for change by annie leonard.

The story of stuff

The story of stuff project is a nonprofit organization transforming the way we make, use, and throw away stuff so that it is better for people and the planet. Walking to work one day i wanted to listen to the news, so i popped into radio shack i found a cute little green radio for $499 pleased with my. The way we consume and dispose of material goods reflect our culture and way of life the culture of america is wasteful and we must consider ways to reduce.

The story of stuff (paperback) here, for the first time, is a simple, single explanation for the major problems facing the world today environmental superstar. A classic exposé in company with an inconvenient truth and silent spring, the story of stuff expands on the celebrated documentary exploring the threat of. The first video, the story of stuff, is a twenty-minute examination of production and consumption and their impacts on environmental and social issues that ends .

The story of stuff project's journey began with a 20-minute online movie about the way we make, use and throw away all the stuff in our lives five years and 40 . She then partnered with a couple of sustainability advocacy groups to produce the story of stuff — a part-educational, part-revelational,. Which is one reason “the story of stuff,” a 20-minute video about the effects of human consumption, has become a sleeper hit in classrooms. Leonard called her little film the story of stuff free range put the story online in december 2007, and leonard notified a handful of activist.

the story of stuff The story of stuff is a wonderful illustration by annie leonard that shows the  basic cycle of the products we use, where they come from, and where the stuff  goes.
The story of stuff
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